This post is filled with random gifts and freebies – both new and old, most of the items shown below are recent freebies, but a couple are no longer available.

Shown above on the left is a camping gift from Umi Usagi. The jacket, shirt, short pants, and belt can be yours for a mere 90 minutes. The stockings are a past subscribe gift from Miel (still in notices!), and boots are a past gift from Nait Smith Designs. The boots are no longer available for free.. sorry. Hair is from JetDoll, skin is from GeEs (not free).

On the right, the focus is on all-out glamour with the Silver sequin gown from Paris Metro (DSN gift) and silver Khan slingbacks from Enkythings. The shoes are a new release, and Enktan Gully, owner of Enkythings, is giving them out for free for a limited time.

Shown above on the left are some cute in-store gifts from Aphrodite Creations. The shoes and tank top are available as free samples, just drop by and pick them up in the shop. The skirt is another great MM win from JetDoll. Seriously, the MM board at JetDoll has had some great prizes lately, you really should stop by and slap it.

On the right is a sweet ensemble from Pixel Dolls. Pixel Dolls has a 10L$ sale going on right now,  stop by and pick up some fantastic bargains on Pixel Doll goods that will soon be retired. The scarf and dress shown above were not free, but were so inexpensive it’s absolutely silly. The shoes were a past gift from Aphrodite Creations.