Although it’s cold here in northwest Florida, we can choose the climate we want in Second Life. Coming from the northeastern US (nope, I’m not a native Florida girl), it just doesn’t seem like Christmas to me if there isn’t snow on the ground.

But that doesn’t mean I need to freeze (even in the northeast), and the fashions I’m showing in this post are definitely hot.

Above is one of the gifts from Blacklace. There are two gift boxes in the shop, and one is filled with several gifts, including loungerie and those famously infamous Blacklace pants.

The fresh, “just in from playing in the snow” skin is from the GeEs Scandinavian line that I’m wearing almost exclusively lately. I love this line of skins! Hairstyle is from Calico Ingman Creations, and comes with the lights which are so much fun, and colour change. You can wear this style after the holidays too, because the lights can be taken off with a simple click of your mouse.

Still in the pink, the pretty ensemble shown above is one of the many, many wonderful gifts being showered upon visitors to Ho Wear. Stop by and pick them up while you still can.

The backdrop is an absolutely perfect waterfall setting from Pocket Gardens. The Castalia waterfall is so versatile. It comes in three sizes with a varying number of prims, and the flowers are colour change via menu. Also included are a hedge prim and alpha ground cover so that everything blends smoothly and seamlessly into your land (or skybox).

Above is one of the other gifts from Blacklace, while Hawk is showing us the December gift from Vitamen.

The green chaise is from Diesel Works, and it’s so versatile. This chaise is loaded with a ton of great poses. Hawk took a turn in the photographers chair (included) and played with it a while, and his comments were, in order, “Wow!” followed immediately by “Lot’s of poses!” (with an accompanying smile).

SD Wears has this sexy number as its prize in the Urban Shopper Candy Cane Hunt which runs through 31 December. It’s not a difficult hunt, and there are some really nice prizes.. so don’t miss it!