I know what you’re thinking:


That’s exactly what I thought when I got the notecard saying Exodi had male skins, and was having a hunt.

Arrival on the hunt grounds

Upon arriving at the hunt grounds, I wasn’t really sure what I was lookig for, in my excitement I wandered around a bit, looking at various things.

I sat down to think about it

After wandering a bit, I decided to sit and think about it. hmm.. where to start? The scarecrow would have told me to start at the beginning, so back I went to the beginning. Ah.. instructions, instructions are good.

Newly armed with the “how to” on the hunt, I went back to search; after all, everyone likes candy.

Lily variations

There are 23 different candies hidden around this spooky little town… each with a different surprise. Upon finding a candy, all you have to do is click it. You have a 50% chance of receiving the award you desire. ;)

Nazareth vamped, Cold Blood

Candies can be found multiple times, but each candy has a different “main” prize. When clicked, the candy will dispense either a copy of itself or the special prize item inside. The decision is random! Once found, the candy will disappear and reappear in a new location, ready to be hunted again.

Good luck!

Look for the portal and click on it to go to the hunt grounds, but not until 16 October. I’ve shown only a small sampling of the hunt prizes, there’s so much more!