Note: Since this page was first published in 2008 I have only updated it once. I realise it needs a complete overhaul.

When I first started blogging, I blogged for a freebie blog. I was enthusiastic, and blogged like a crazed person. I was passionate about getting the best things from the top designers in Second Life for free. It was a lot of work, but I loved it. But over the time I blogged freebies only, and I started to realise one important thing:  Freebies do not support the economy of Second Life, nor do they support the hard work of the designers, sculpt makers, texture makers, and script writers that produce the products we love so much in this virtual world.

Every. Single. Thing you see in Second Life has required the real life time of someone who has created it for you. Every texture, sculpt, mesh item has cost someone at least 10L$ to upload. Designers love to create, there’s an artist at the very core of every single designer. If most designers didn’t create in Second Life, they would probably leave Second Life.

The designers and shop owners in Second Life realise that people, noobs if you will, come into Second Life with very little. Many provide free products to noobs as a way of getting started. They also provide free products as a sort of review for the rest of us, hoping that if we like the freebie we’ll return and purchase other products from them. Freebies are not, and never were, intended as a way of life in Second Life. Even in Second Life someone’s got to pay the bills.

Places that have quality freebies for you:

Freebie Island
Not all are freebies at Freebie Island, some items will cost you L$, though I didn’t see anything over 2L$.
These are old, old products. Some of these skins, clothes, and hairstyles were freebies when I was a young noob.

Free Dove
Free Dove has unquestionably the best overall collection of freebies in Second Life.
At Free Dove, you can find hundreds of products by some of the most renown designers in Second Life.. and they’re all free!


Black Arts, Axiom, Dark Mouse,
and Eye Candi are all featured designers at Free Dove.

Rebel Hope Designs, Axiom, Dark Mouse,
and Eye Candi are all featured designers at Free Dove.

Freestyle used to be one of the best Freebie blogs out there, it’s still a good blog; however, it can no longer be considered a Freebie blog. . Freestyle has a dozen or so bloggers, so it is kept up to date. The shop associated with Freestyle sells a few deeply discounted items from a sampling of designers.

Caledon Oxbridge University
Caledon Oxbridge University is a wonderful treasure trove of information for anyone with a driving thirst for knowledge. You land at a central point, just follow the red line through  a series of lessons in Second Life that includes everything from how to move, to altering your appearance and managing money in-world. At the end of the tutorials there is a selection of free avatars for newcomers under 30 days old.

Caledon Oxbridge University free avatars for newcomers.

Caledon Oxbridge University free avatars for newcomers.

A Note about freebie etiquette:

Never complain about a freebie you get from a shop/designer.  Ever.

If you love a freebie, wear it and tell people where you got it if they ask, and give them a landmark to the shop if you have it readily available.

If you hate a freebie, give it to someone who loves it (if possible), or quietly donate it to that big Linden rubbish bin in the sky, ie: delete it.
Do not ask the designer if they can give it to you in a different colour.
Do not ask the designer if they can adjust it to fit your avatar.
Do not leave your opened boxes sitting around in the designer’s shop.. clean up after yourself.