Wow, I spent most of my SL time yesterday, and some time today cruising the shops at the Alternative Fair. The good thing about getting in early is that we beat the lag monster to the Fair, the bad thing is that not all the booths are set up yet. But shit, what I’ve seen so far is good!

The booths at Alternative Fair are some of the best punk, goth, rock, grunge designers the grid has to offer. If Barbie wouldn’t like it, you’ll find it at the Alternative Fair! Shoot, there might even be a few things Barbie would like to slip into. So grab your preppiest friends and drag them to the fair with you.

Now on to the goodies!

Shown above and below are parts of the vendor items offered by Grim Bros. I’ve ogled this set in the shop, and came so close to purchasing it, but I’m glad I waited. The set, Emerald Lili (which includes the gorgeous shoes!), is only 100L$ at the Alternative Fair, and every single L$ goes to help combat Malaria.

By the way, the sweet skin I’m wearing above is a wearable demo from the Frick Decay line, and is available at the Fair.

Felicia, in red, is one of the vendor items from Blue Blood.

When a shop gives out as many freebies as Blue Blood does, I certainly don’t mind dropping a few L$ on them, and the fact that the 150L$ I spent on this cute little dress goes to charity just sweetens the deal.

Below I have several Fair goodies to show you.

Let’s start with those very cool unisex pants from The Uneek. As she usually does, Treebee Withnail has made them in several colours. One of the colours is a freebee at the Alternative Fair. To find out which pair it is, you’ll have to visit The Uneek’s Fair booth.


The masked skin is from Mango Mango, and can be yours for a measly 1L$. It looks great with the Loose Tattoo from Miu. The shirt on the left is from Miu too (unisex) and both are free at the Miu booth.

The horns I’m wearing are awesome, and they were a gift from Pepper Spray. And would you look at the dragon fly! I never knew dragon flies were so yummy until I tried the ones from Iren. Get your dragon flies at the Fair, and chow down!

I’ve been a fan of Curious Kitties for a long time, one of the first skirts I ever purchased in world is from CK. I still have that skirt, and I still love it because good design is timeless. The hairstyle above right is from CK, and it’s yours for free at the Alternative Fair. The really nice thing about the Nanotech hairstyles form Curious Kitties is that with a single HUD you can change the colour of several different Nanotech hairstyles. I love this idea!

You gotta a love a little Sn@tch, and the swag bag from Sn@tch’s booth has the cool shirt and pants shown above.

All poses used in this post are from Diesel Works!